Reggie B

«Dale mucho cariño al lago, al río y a la flor Haz del árbol un amigo, háblale con más amor» («Sensación de vivir», Xuxa, 1992) Capítulo 2: “Sensación de vivir con linces” Incluye lo nuevo de Kendrick Lamar, 20syl, Myles Sanko, Prince, Macy Gray, LHA, The Gramophone Allstars Big Band, Rapsusklei & The Flow Fanatics, Gran […]

Xtrngr from the excellent Mad Hop Bandcamp compilation got the show rolling in atmospheric style before «Secret Garden» from Snow Ghosts, a curve ball, from the normally club orientated Houndstooth label, kept the dreamy vibe but added some lovely vocals and paved the way for more of the same from the very talented Otti Albietz, fresh on BBE Records.

A nice soulful selection in a roundabout sort of way this week, a week when Boards of Canada have been releasing their back catalogue for all those slow on the draw the first time around. The new Om Unit album on Civil Music is a pleasant surprise with it’s pleasing musicality and some nice vocal […]

So the Forgotten Bird‘s album, «Sahara» is finally out and it’s a lovely thing as this weeks opening track, «Windmills Of Your Mind» clearly shows, do yourself a favour and go and buy it to soundtrack those quieter moments in your life.

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