P023: Post-Sandwell District special.

In their ten years of operation the loose collective of artists that form the Sandwell District collective have risen from relative obscurity to leave an immediately recognizable mark at the core of modern techno. Combining industrial grit, violent and stark aesthetics and media subversion tactics, they have come to define not only modern electronica, but in many ways the modern age. It is somewhat fitting then that the label operations descended into chaos at their moment of triumph, the release of 2011’s “Feed Forward” album which is the starting point of this weeks show. Cabeza de Vaca picks up the pieces and traces the trajectory of each of the three main protagonists Function, Regis and Silent Servant and their associates, bringing their influence to bare and highlighting their recent work.

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Cabeza de Vaca

P014: 2012 Rewind

Part best-of and part conceptual overview of some of the key moments in electronica in 2012 for the final show of the year. We ask questions about the alliance between industrial and noise with techno, shamanism and magic, touch on playing live, pressing play and the predominance of live vocal performances in electronic music in 2012. For more details and more examples head over to Mind Bomb.

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Novedades + Especial FlyLo meets Isao Tomita en Feedback!

This week we take a look at some beautiful new music we’ve heard recently, such as the glorious Shields by Grizzly Bear, Barcelona based procuder Astroboyz first release in Struments Records, amazing mix of Lianne La Hsavas by Melé, the pair of Trim and James Blake under the Trimbal moniker and the deep incredible techno new effort by Silent Servant. Gabi Tineo has been doing some research, and he’s found a direct connection between Flying Lotus and japanese classic underground cosmic composer Isao Tomita: great feature. We end with the usual brilliant pearl, this time from the Jesus & Mary Chain album Psychocandy. Hope you enjoy

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