CdV P062: Lawrence special

Not quite the grand special that such a prolific, consistent and influential artist such as Lawrence probably deserves, but being the end of the year we have to make way for the last of the new from 2013. But there is still time for a preview of something from Lawrence’s sixth and latest album “Films and Windows”, a recent single, as well as some of the standout work from his contemporaries in the field of deep house.


CdV P062: Especial de Lawrence


No es el gran especial que un artista tan prolífico, consistente e influyente como Lawrence probablemente merece, pero al ser el final del año tenemos que dar paso a la última de lo nuevo de 2013. Pero todavía hay tiempo para una vista previa de algo del sexto y último disco de Lawrence «Films and Windows», una reciente single, así como algunos de los trabajos destacado de sus contemporáneos en el campo de deep house.

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CdV P045: Anthony Naples special

There are plenty of new-comers on this week’s show, including the centre of attention, Miami-raised and Brooklyn-based producer and DJ Anthony Naples. From his very first release last year on Mister Saturday Night Records he has captured the attention of the house scene, blending in the current vogue for low-fi with a more polished finish as well as balancing catchy groove with experimental-leaning arrangements. Not bad for an artist with less than a handful of 12”s under his belt.

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P021: Christopher Rau special

We take a trip to Hamburg, Germany this week on Cabeza de Vaca to focus our attention on deep house producer and Smallville stalwart Christopher Rau. We preview three of his 12”s and an track from his second album “Two” all from 2012 as well as some recent house tracks from around the world.


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