One of the most notable trends in electronic music in 2013 was the dominant impact of albums from artists working in left field and ambient-leaning electronica. It seemed that a great number of artists fully assimilated into the album concept and delivered masterpiece works that used the format to all its strengths while pushing themselves […]

In our fourth and final program on Japanese electronica we explore some of the stand-out artists making IDM and electronica in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Störung Radio 132 Presentado por Miquel Escudero Playlist seleccionada por Álex Gámez – Nombre del artista | Álbum | Label | Año de publicación – Das Synthetische Mischgebewe | Hápax (Legómenon) | Phage Tapes | 2012 – V.A. (Yui Onodera) | Vernacular | Whereabout Records | 2012 – Domene, Galdona & Montesinos | Live at […]

Dadub, the Italian duo of Daniele Antezza and Giovanni Conti, have had a key role in the Stroboscopic Artefacts sound. Not only have they produced some of its most memorable releases, including their recent debut album “You are eternity”, but they work behind the scenes mastering the labels output and putting the final touches on […]

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