Special Request

Bass music, drum n bass, dubstep, grime, footwork, whatever you want to call it was by far the most interesting part of electronic music in 2013. There was always a new surprise or another stand out album around the corner.

A double special this week, with one ear on the eclectic Houndstooth label curated with the impeccable taste of Electronic Exploration’s Rob Booth, with the other ear on English producer Paul Woolford.

Torus – Backyard (Sonic Router promo) Ancient Astronauts – Robots Are Taking Over (Switchstance) Laurel Halo – Dr. Echt (Hyperdub) Kid606 – Cloud Sculpting (Tigerbeat6 promo) Mount Kimbie – You Took Your Time, Kyle MF Hall DVO Dub (Warp) Rumpistol – Asleep (Rump Recordings promo) Exercise One – Verlooka (Exone promo) Palms Trax – Equation […]

Some dubstep this week as we turn our attention to the Keysound Recordings label from London run by Dusk and Blackdown. Several of their recent releases, combining Grime and classic dubstep styles, have set the standard high for 2013, whereas we also highlight the recent album by the label owners themselves and show our respect […]

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