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 “Bells started ringing and chains rattled loud I knew I’d moved in a haunted house” (Jerry Lee Lewis, “Haunted House”, 1973) Capítulo 8: “Tiempo tonto y casas encantadas”

“Feared that we hide, know it is time we care for all that’s within Free from the sun, we are the ones that stop when we begin” (Lake Komo, “Milwaukee”, 2016) Capítulo 9: “Chimichurri de Milwaukee”

«I couldn’t ask for another. No, I couldn’t ask for another. Groove is in the heart, Groove is in the heart.» (Deee-Lite, «Groove Is in the Heart», 1990) Capítulo 19: “Greetings from the Groove (10 años de EEG BCN)”. Último programa de nuestra décima temporada. Especial “10 años de EEG BCN”.

«Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of you?» (Foo Fighters, «Best of You», 2005) Capítulo 7: “Best of 2015”. ¡Programa especial con lo mejor de 2015!

«Hearsay, it’s nothin’ but hearsay Because a lie’s not the truth until you can prove it» (Alexander O’Neal, «Hearsay», 1987) Capítulo 10: “¿Qué me deezers? (feat. Paul McCartney)” Incluye lo nuevo de DJ Fresh con Ella Eyre, Madonna, Rihanna, Malik B & Mr. Green, Childish Gambino, Jungle, Nneka, Tank y Charlie Wilson; descubrimos a Kwabs, […]