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Techno has always had a close relationship with anonymity, but there are not many artists who can claim to be unknown after 20 years in the business despite always remaining in full sight. Detroit’s Terrence Dixon is one of the few.

Las Mil y Una Noches refiere al título de una canción que encontramos en un vinilo de larga duración editado en Barcelona.

It is almost 20 years since Amsterdam based label Delsin lifted off with a cassette release from label founder Peel Seamus in 1996. Early this year they celebrated their 100th release with a monster 5 LP box set with exclusive tracks from some of the world’s best artists. This week on Cabeza de Vaca and […]

Few artists have left an instant impact that has lasted so long. But there are few artists like Detroit’s Kenneth Dixon JR, aka Moodymann. From his techno influenced debut in album 1997 on Carl Craig’s label Planet E to his most recent and self-titled jazz-house masterpiece on his own label KDJ label he has consistently […]

Since 2002 the Manchester based label Modern Love has represented a sort of litmus test of where current electronica is at. With the restless and predatory curiosity of a cat they have stalked out the forever opening frontiers, shifting from dub techno, to dub step and drum n bass, and then on to knackered house, […]

Cabeza de Vaca and Scanner FM kick off 2014 with double special featuring the best of two maverick labels.

RobertX, uno de los DJs pioneros en música electrónica avanzada y en el concepto de intelligent techno para eventos y salas comerciales de nuestro país.

Queda ya muy poco para cerrar este año 2013 y no se nos pudo ocurrir mejor idea para finalizar el mismo, que la de contar en el programa con una de las personas más cercanas a Discos Paradiso (de hecho es el vecino de arriba) y que estará empujando y frenando discos junto a Alizz, […]

El Fantasma de las Navidades Venideras, también conocido como El Fantasma de las Navidades Futuras, aparece arrastrando una larga y pesada cadena. Es el fantasma de su difunto socio.

Según el relato, ser trata de un espectro al que no se le veía la cara. En todo caso, si tuviera, sería una calavera parecida a la muerte.

Una calavera idéntica a una de las tres velas que adornan la barra de FistBar!

The first of four shows rounding up electronic music in 2013 starting with techno.

It is the last of our normal shows this week before we start a four part round-up of the best of 2013. We start with Roly Porter’s epic and dramatic track “Gravity” before turning down a cul-de-sac of experimental beat collages from _moonraker, Objekt and Diskotopia boss BD1982. Daniel Avery and Vester Koza steady the […]

Ziggyminds nace de la pasión de dos artistas influenciados de un gusto musical y un background similar: Bettosun y Robert X.

Another artist this week who doesn’t need too much introduction. Marcel Dettmann, the East German-born and bred producer has long been at the top of the game with his world renowned and often lengthy DJ sets honed to perfection on the legendary Berghain sound system. Production-wise, Dettmann has made a name as a remixer, but […]

Coming from the hills of Tuscany near Florence in Italy, the Bosconi Records contingent headed by Fabio Della Torre and Ennio Colaci have made a big mark on 2013 with their impressive Bosconi Stallions series of 12”s as well as their regular releases.

A double special this week, with one ear on the eclectic Houndstooth label curated with the impeccable taste of Electronic Exploration’s Rob Booth, with the other ear on English producer Paul Woolford.

Hoy presentamos el debut artístico de Inuït quien lanza su primer EP dentro de su sello Zeroocho Records. Northern Lights es el título del EP que nos descubre a Inuït, artista de Barcelona y fundador de Zeroocho Records, sello de electrónica abierto a esas mentes curiosas con ganas de experimentar, innovar y en definitiva aportar […]

In only a few short years American artist Laurel Halo has already left a defining mark on electronic music. Her 2011 breakthrough “Hour logic” was an instant reference point for future sounds to follow with its striking blend of epic rave sounds and the hazy synth pop of the west coast Not Not Fun scene.

Bajo el suelo de la Villa Portales se retorcía la criatura esperando el nuevo día; bajo el suelo no brilla el sol ni se escucha el canto de la Malinche.