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Selección musical por Dettlef Baüer Esa mañana de febrero, en que el Nautilus surcaba las heladas profundidades del mar del Norte, Nemo a duras penas se levantó… era invierno y los pies le pesaban… Se miró al espejo y recitó a Bukowski:

Texto y Seleccion musical: Natalia Ibañez Durante semanas anteriores , el Nautilus y sus tripulantes , navegaban en las costas del océano pacifico , sin mas incidentes ,que el encuentro de algunas criaturas marinas , propias del fondo marino , lo cual engaña la monotonía de la ruta . En la cabina de mando,  Nemo […]

In a little under two years shadowy UK producer Shifted has risen through the ranks to become one of the most recognizable sounds in the new wave of Industrial techno. His tracks combine heavy beats, hypnotic drones and repetition with post-punk’s rough and paranoid image. On Cabeza de Vaca this week we preview four of […]

Cuando salía a caminar cerca de su barrio, el taxidermista gustaba de entrar en la frutería La campesina y comprar ahí algunas naranjas, durante una de esas compras, la dependienta le ofreció un nuevo producto, castañas confitadas. 

Its all about Sweden this week on Cabeza de Vaca. First stop is Ulf Ericsson’s Kontra-Musik label based in Malmö. We revise the labels history and introduce some of the diverse styles and eccentric characters that make up the roster. For the rest of the show we preview some new tracks from some of Sweden’s […]

The Shelter  inspired in jazz and its influence in all kind of electronic music, first show focused on Detroit. There was different facts that throw me into this: – The release of the new compilation «We Love Detroit» by Derrick May & Jimmy Edgar. – The upcoming releasing of Victor Santana & Band new album […]

Continuamos consumiendo referencias audiovisuales que nos unen como seres humanos. Cuantas más referencias diferentes consumimos, realizando cursos, navegando por internet, escuchando música, leyendo libros, diarios, viendo la tele…más capacidad de socializar tenemos y más amplitud geográfica abarcamos…  

This week Cabeza de Vaca takes the road less travelled through some of the world’s boutique, outsider and up-and-coming labels to find some of the many hidden treasures of the dub techno scene. Sit back and enjoy a perfect introduction and tribute to some of the specialty and community-based labels that do a lot of […]

20 Mil Leguas De Viaje Submarino – Un mundo de aventuras musicales- P.185 – El Témpano de Kanasaka – Texto ( Extracto): Francisco Coloane Imagen: Peter Nidzgorski Programa Comisariado por Miguel Conejeros El Capitán Nemo se había despertado con mucho dolor de cabeza después de una intensa noche de tabaco, ron y aguardiente junto a […]

Lies, damned lies and Long Island Electrical Systems. For our first program of the new year we take a look at LIES, the outsider house label founded by Ron Morelli in New York that shot to prominence in 2012 for its unexpected and ramshackle approach to electronic music. Liberated, long form tracks are the order […]

20.000 Leguas de Viaje Submarino Texto de Pierre A. Benavides. Ilustración: Fernando Orellana –  “One Way Walkie Talkie”

Part best-of and part conceptual overview of some of the key moments in electronica in 2012 for the final show of the year. We ask questions about the alliance between industrial and noise with techno, shamanism and magic, touch on playing live, pressing play and the predominance of live vocal performances in electronic music in […]

A whole program dedicated to the music of German producer Rene Pawlowitz this week. We discuss the significance and context of his three landmark albums as Shed and then compare and contrast one of the tracks from each of his many monikers.   P011: Especial de Rene Pawlowitz   Todo un programa dedicado a la […]

More questions than answers this week as we open the Pandora’s box that is the place where industrial and noise music collide with techno. A focus on the in-demand UK group Factory Floor is surrounded by some desolate tales from industrial music’s key signifiers: sex, mechanization, work and dehumanization, taking in D.H. Lawrence’s rural England, […]