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Red Saunders - Summertime (Jazzman promo) Kindness feat. Kelela - With You (Female Energy/Mom+Pop) The Lamplighters - Moscow Central (Here & Now) Ed Lee feat Alison David - Follicle (Compost Disco) Daniel Grau - Delirio En Fa Menor, Max Graef & Delfonic rmx (Sonar Kollektiv promo) DJ Dolores - Satie Dub (Far Out promo) Prince [...]

Less tracks, long grooves, heavy on the electronica with a dash of global flavour pretty much sums up this weeks show.

Sublime deep house kicked off this weeks show courtesy of Isolee and the «Allowance» title track from their new EP which led nicely into the Max Sedgeley like tones of Inch-time and «Time Of The Fire» before Mara TK hit us with some spiritual vibes from way down or New Zealand to be precise. Neve Naive then kept the vibes deep but with a dark […]

Electronic soul started this weeks show with the voiceless, late night vibes from the forthcoming Simple EP on Apollo before Lapalux and Kaytranda threw down some lovely vocals over deeper than deep beats. Sweatson Klank then turned the airwaves blue with the single from his forthcoming EP on Project Mooncircle before Teleseen dropped the deep, […]

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