SwinSwanSongs: sesiones confinadas #3 | Fun House

Ya son muchos días los que llevamos en casa y necesitamos sacar nuestra rabia, nuestra furia, nuestro aburrimiento y cansancio. Nada mejor que la música para tan exhortante ejercicio terapéutico. Y ahí están las sesiones de SingSwanSongs para ayudarnos a tal propósito. En este capítulo, Salva Masdeu nos ayuda a…

CdV P087 World Cup special

Cabeza de Vaca loves the World Cup. It’s a chance to collect a new set of Panini, to go to the pub and watch three matches of elite football every day for a month and to listen to your favourite football tracks, and with every world cup there’s always a new one, usually by Pique’s wife Shakira. There’s no Shakira or Pique here, but no need, as like the World Cup, Cabeza de Vaca likes to range across land and sea to gather in the best of the best. This week we celebrate 50 years of World Cup and football with tunes and styles from as far afield as Norweigan rap, Japanese jazz, 60s rockabilly, 90s electronica and techno and of course the timeless Kevin Keegan.

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