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Techno has always had a close relationship with anonymity, but there are not many artists who can claim to be unknown after 20 years in the business despite always remaining in full sight. Detroit’s Terrence Dixon is one of the few.

Its all about Sweden this week on Cabeza de Vaca. First stop is Ulf Ericsson’s Kontra-Musik label based in Malmö. We revise the labels history and introduce some of the diverse styles and eccentric characters that make up the roster. For the rest of the show we preview some new tracks from some of Sweden’s […]

Weedy of 40 Winks kicked off this weeks show in his own inimitable, sample chopping style before we gave you a little taste of the new I’m Not A Gun album with the title track «Sub-Tones» – surely a future Balearic classic? Millenium then provided a peek of their new EP with some bass heavy, […]