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Warmth – A Song The Children Dance To (Tramp) The Polyversal Souls – Sad Nile feat Hilu Mergia (Philophon promo) Obatala – Abayomy (Far Out) Fred Aucagos – Pangua Zo Pile Moin (Heavenly Sweetness promo) Amen Ra feat No Fixed Abode – One Door Isn’t Enough (Keysound promo) Andreya Triana – Lullaby, Shigeto Remix (Ninja […]

It is the last of our normal shows this week before we start a four part round-up of the best of 2013. We start with Roly Porter’s epic and dramatic track “Gravity” before turning down a cul-de-sac of experimental beat collages from _moonraker, Objekt and Diskotopia boss BD1982. Daniel Avery and Vester Koza steady the […]